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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Webcast concert this Friday!

This Friday! We'll have a small in-house audience and (hopefully) a large internet audience! There will be a chat room, so please watch and drop us a line and chat with us! We'll be playing some old favorites, some tracks off of "Sunshine and Shadow," and a couple of new tunes that we'll be playing a lot in the coming month!

The members of the band have been referring to the second week of March as "the beginning of the end"...of course this isn't serious, but we will be gigging once every three days in March, and Matt and I will be starting our second student teaching placements and Chris V and Jeff will be continuing their full time teaching placements and Chris J and David will be playing and preparing for recitals and concerts. But it'll be a blast.

Collage was a blast...lots of positive feedback from faculty, fellow students, audience members. Definitely an incredibly silly and positive opportunity for us to spread our music!

Other future plans include video recordings (we'll probably be recording the webcast concert to put online), a gig in Albany at the beginning of March, possible entrance into the Folgers' Jingle Contest, and a ridiculously crazy March calendar. Check out our list of upcoming events HERE to see when we'll be playing closest to you!

- G