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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slammers n' pogz

We're going to the studio this weekend with our good friend Jake! He's going to record us making pretty music over the course of the next two weekends. Stay tuned for updates on our progress. We still don't have a name for the record, but we're pretty set on which songs we'll be recording. Old songs in our rep that never got recorded (The Blacksmith, Oldstrumentals), some more recent songs that have been played out for a while (Step It Out Mary, Johnson's Motor Car), and some brand new songs (Tell My Ma, Hector the Hero). Plus, David's dad will be guesting on fiddle for a few songs.

It'll be cool. I hope to get some footage from in the studio...but we're on paid time and it might be a little trickier.

- G

We played at Pipes in the Valley. It was fun.