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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where the fields are fresh and green

Eight days until our tour begins! Holy cow!

We've ordered posters, bookmarks, t-shirts, more copies of "Sunshine and Shadow," and I think that's it. We're looking like we'll be in good shape! We'll be starting off in Massachusetts, then making our way back to Connecticut, up to Maine, and westward through New York. If we still like each other after that, we'll probably start on our second leg two weeks later.

It feels like we're official.
A few new songs will be making their way into the rotation...Patriot Game will make its full band debut on our radio on WICN most likely (David's going to use his bow!), and our Bonnie Ship the Diamond/P Stands for Paddy song will probably get its legs soon. I'm also working on a simple arrangement of "Eli the Barrow Boy," by The Decemberists for myself, David and Chris, as well as a song by The Dady Brothers entitled, "Tonawanda, Too." It's from a record they put out for the Erie Canal's 175th anniversary, and I've gained an appreciation for the canal having biked over 1/3 of it with my girlfriend, Sydney, last week.

That's it I suppose. Rehearsing tomorrow. We love you! See you on tour! More info here.

- G

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