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Friday, October 15, 2010

Recording is done, mixing has begun, gigs galore

Our job is officially done. The percussionists completed their tracks Sunday night, so the band is done recording, and now Jake's fun begins as he gets to listen to our songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and turn little knobs and click his mouse a million times until he has deemed the sound worthy of being put onto record form.

We're tossing around possible names for the CD (leading title right now, "Sunshine and Shadow," narrowly ahead of "Heave Away!" and "The Jolly Benches") and figuring out how to fund the project right now, and I'm taking some free time to try to compile a video of our studio time.

Friday night we'll be at our regular haunt at Catcher's Sports Bar in Wethersfield, so if you're around the central CT area, you should come by, grab a drink, say hello, and listen to us play. We'll be debuting at least two new songs at the show.

Saturday night, we'll haul ourselves up to Holden, MA again for a benefit concert at Immanuel Lutheran Church to benefit the Holden Crop'll be a fun family event that will hopefully raise a lot of money for the band and the Crop Walk, which was created to aid world and local hunger. We're hoping for a big turnout for that event.

Sunday afternoon, the church in which I sing (First Church of Christ Congregational in West Hartford) is holding a benefit concert for their music and arts fund...there will be a huge variety of performances, of course including us, still trying to figure out when we can get married.

To take a personal aside from the band, my friend, Cory Ploessl, who I had the fortune of meeting at the summer program I've worked at for the past two years, is currently doing an art project in Eau Claire, WI, in order to raise awareness for world poverty. He describes his project through a blog as follows:

I am currently living in a hand-assembled shanty house much like those found in rural slums in many developing nations. Like some 2.6 billion people worldwide (World Resources Institute) I am currently living off of $2 a day. I eat, sleep, cook, and bathe on site, however I use indoor toilets. This blog will be maintained by Maria Boland and will act like a personal journal of my experience. A special thanks to Maria and thank you all for your time and compassion.

I encourage you to keep up with Cory's experience on his blog, run by his wonderful girlfriend, Maria, at

We have the wonderful fortune to teach music, learn about music, record music, and perform music on a regular basis to friends, family, and people we don't even know. It's always humbling to remember that there's a lot of other things going on out there that we often forget. Thank goodness there are people like Cory to remind us that there is a lot more we need to do and be thankful for in our everyday lives.

Hope to see you this weekend!

- G

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  1. Maria just showed me this blog... you make me feel special Greg. Thanks for your support! Now I want to hear some of your tunes.