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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunshine and Shadow

Hey folks!

Sunday, the band is going to sit down with Jake and listen to the final mixes of the record tracks. We've got eleven done, two vocal tracks had to be redone but the process was not terribly taxing, and once Jake's job is done, we'll be getting album art done and sending the stuff off to get CD's produced. We will hopefully have them by Thanksgiving, but they will definitely be done by Christmas (and would certainly make a great present!).

We're still adding songs to our rep, so while we've had a little while off from a gig, we'll be roaring into the winter with a bunch of new songs. In case you are curious, "Spanish Lady" and "Step It Out, Mary" have crept into our sets, while upcoming new songs include "Whiskey on a Sunday" and shoot I forget the name of the song Jeff brought last week. It's a good one, though! So keep checking us out and hear what we've been working on.

And if you weren't already planning on coming to the Collage concert at Hartt in February, you should maybe consider it. Just saying.

On another note, our good man Jake comes to every one of our gigs that he can, runs the soundboard, makes sure we don't blow up our speakers or the board, fixes microphones and cables when they die, gives us advice about sound equipment, setup, and overall planning for the band, recorded the entire record by himself, has spent days and days listening to us over and over and fixed all of our stupid mess-ups and errors, and puts up with our nonsensical crap constantly. We're incredibly lucky to have someone as smart, helpful, and encouraging as Jake around to help us out wherever we need. When you come see us at our next show, stop over at the board and give him a hug. Or maybe just a high five, I dunno how much he wants to be hugging strangers while he's running sound. You're a dude, Jake.

Two weeks from this Friday (Nov. 12), we'll be up in Holden, playing at the Blue Plate Lounge at 8 PM. After that, we'll be at Catcher's the day before Thanksgiving (Nov. 24) and then in Avon on Dec. 11th. You'll also have to remember to tune in to WICN 90.5 FM Worcester for the Folk Revival Holiday Show on Thursday, Dec. 16th...we'll be up there playing some holiday songs and some of our regular tunes.

Stay tuned for news on the record and our upcoming gigs! Stay well! Happy Halloween!

- G

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