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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tour blog entry 6 - July 6, 2011

Maine is a blast! Evan and Sasha are our wonderful hosts in Portland and we met some awesome folks at the Lobster Cooker last night. Jeff's co-worker, Matt, came to see us with his fi├ínce, Kanae, and we met a wonderful group of people from Louisiana. We later got to meet Sophia and Isabella, two wonderful dancers who we hope to see again later on tour! Check out our Facebook page to see the picture we got with them! Our Facebook page also has photos that we've taken on our journey...I uploaded them this morning. Check them out!

We'll be back at the Lobster Cooker tonight from 4-7 and then we'll make our way down to New Salem, MA for our show at the 1794 Meetinghouse on the town common.

We love you! Tour has been wonderful and we're so glad that we get to travel and share our music so many new people.

- G

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