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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tour blog entry 8 - July 8, 2011

Jeff and I spent the night in South Hadley with our buddy Chris Collins of the Nonsense Society. David and Chris made it up to Albany last night - I assume. We should probably check.

Playing in New Salem was was an awesome venue and we had a really great crowd. We had a few requests, some singing along, and a really warm response from everyone who came. Hopefully we can go back sometime - Chris really wants to come back in the fall to check out the foliage at the overview in the woods over Quabbin Reservoir. You can see all the way to Mt. Wachusett...although one of the 1794 employees told us that we could see Mt. Monadnock, which I mentioned during the show and elicited a meek "I...don't think so..." At any rate, you can see a pretty mountain and lots of beautiful trees.

Tonight we're playing with David Fey at Professor Java's in Albany starting at 7:30, and then we head up to Schenectady to play the Moon and River Cafe on Saturday night.

- G

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